"It's so good to be classic and not trendy" - Gabrielle Hamilton (Owner of Prune Restaurant, NYC)

I remember watching a cooking show and hearing Gabrielle say these words.  After years of searching for a concise way to describe my approach to weddings, this was it.  Classic and not trendy.  I've always gravitated towards classic approaches to wedding videography - clean, natural, timeless.  The trends that come and go always resurface in another form, but well-made and classic are constants.  I strive to make wedding films that last. That don't fall prey to the next big fad.  Wedding films that just look and feel good.

Now combine classic, with a flair for cinematic storytelling, an education in professional filmmaking and a love of the wedding industry.  This is Ryan Hinman Films.  This is my contribution to your wedding experience. Clean, Story-driven and timeless.

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