Stacey Petersen's Demo for Dezember Photo

So we just finished this video last night for Brody Dezember’s new website. Stacey Petersen is a photographer for Brody and was the last one in the office to need a demo for her “bio” page. We shoot this at various locations around Salt Lake City and in a cool alley across from the old […]

Can't Wait

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Seriously, I can’t wait for this film. This one has been sitting in post-production purgatory for almost 2 years. The studio didn’t like it, reshoots, re-edits, compromises. Finally we get to see it, chopped or not. The book was a centerpiece of my childhood reading. I just remember going back to it so many times. […]

Randy's Demo

So here it is. The demo we shot over 3 months ago and I just recently got around to editing. It is “Fight Club meets Wedding Video”, down to the “Call Randy” message that comprises only 2 frames of screentime. This video is also available on Brody Dezember’s new website – which totally kills by […]

Michael and Sara's Wedding

So I have a lot of affection for this couple. They were actually happy at their wedding and I didn’t have to prompt them to smile at all. This helps so much! It is the difference between forced and staged events and the truest form of documenting an event – uninterrupted reality. The music for […]

Charles' and Kristy's Wedding

So I never posted this video to my website, but it is seriously one of my favorites. It rained cats and dogs (and more cats and dogs) that day. More rain than I have ever seen at a wedding. Nevertheless, it was quite the party and Kristy and Charles were troopers and could see past […]