Steele and Paige – Draper Temple

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The weather for Steele and Paige’s wedding was pretty perfect. I know that cloudy, overcast days don’t necessarily cry “beautiful” for the bride and groom, but for the photography and cinematography, it’s perfect. It creates something akin to a a huge diffused softbox in the sky, which means everything is evenly lit. No hot spots […]

Jarom and Katie

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A brief highlight of Jarom and Katies wedding, way back in March. Awesome couple. Awesome time. Thanks for having me.

Micah and Brittney – Live from Las Vegas

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I spent a lot of time with Micah and Brittney. An amazing couples story and a full day in searing Las Vegas, NV. It was May 1st and I remember it being incredibly hot. As a result, I feel like I really got to know them on a personal level. Want to have your wedding […]

Gary and Carol – 50 Years Together

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Gary and Carol McFarland are my in-laws and are celebrating 50 years of marriage this year. We just had a great party for them at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building this evening and I was asked to put together a life story for them. Rather than take a completely linear approach to a life story, […]