Blake and Jane – Salt Lake Country Club

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What more can I say. I love this wedding film. Love the weather, loved the location, loved the couple. It’s true. Sometimes weddings just work for you. You scramble around and everything you shoot just works. This is a highlight of a much larger highlight video that was delivered to them. Wanted to give you […]

Clark and Lizzie's Snow Day

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I think in all of the years I have done wedding cinema/videography/filmmaking I was looking for something that’s my niche. These couples stories are my niche. I love the collaboration between me and the couple, the ability to control the content and I can exercise those creative chops I picked up in film school. Digital […]

Crismon and Lauren's Front Yard Wedding

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Yes, this was the front yard. A beautiful front yard, with a pond and lots of trees. A few details about the wedding. An amazing guitarist name Jeff Proctor, BBQ from a smoker parked outside, chocolate mustaches and authentic Chinese lanterns. Incredible. This wedding was a referral from an old friend, so thanks for that. […]

Anthony and Brett – Dogs and Runners

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I can’t tell you how many dog walkers and runners interrupted this shoot. At one point, a guy even approached me and ruined a shot. Memory Grove is a popular place, so I guess we knew the risks. Aside from the long shoot, I can’t say enough about this couple. Amazing, amazing, amazing. I’ve never […]