Tanner + McKenzie – Everything New is Old Again

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I’m getting a lot of requests for the vintage look. A lot. Just to clarify, this isn’t an attempt to make your wedding film look like old Super 8mm film. Rather, it’s a look akin to rediscovering an old weathered movie in an attic. It’s kind of a “Grindhouse” look – an old B movie […]

Jason and Lauren Osmond – Decorative Towels and Orchards

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Osmonds are cool. So very cool. Jason is cool. Lauren is cool. Decorative towels are cool. You’ll just have to watch this couple’s story to figure out what I mean. I confess having a more than passing fascination with the Osmond family. I distinctly remember two events from my childhood. One was getting up from […]

The Provo Double Header

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It’s a “twofer” day today. Two wedding films for one blog post. They’re for the same couple, so it made sense. Brent and Lisa’s wedding was last week at the Provo Temple. My first time shooting there and I don’t anticipate shooting there much. Lisa has some really important family connections to that temple and […]