Chase and Jessica – Instagramed – Utah Wedding Video

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In lieu of the drastically cold weather that has pummeled our state this week, I thought it might be nice to post a warm weather wedding highlight. This one is from way back in July. I had a little fun with this web teaser. I edited it in the style of an Instagram photo – […]

Colby and Shannon – Swim, Bike, Run, Marry – Utah Wedding Video

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What can I say? This is one of the most unique wedding events ever. I’m not sure I will shoot one of these again any time soon. Colby and Shannon ran a triathlon the morning of their wedding. You read that right. I can’t believe it. What an amazing an exhausting day. For all of […]


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Tanner and Victoria – July 1st, 2011

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To view this video, enter the password – hinman I think the gardens at Thanksgiving Point must be grossly underutilized for weddings. The reason I believe this is because I’m on rounds two, three and four of every location, with the exception of Thanksgiving Point. I’ve only shoot in these gardens twice – in 4 […]

Josh and Heidi – Belay On

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To view this video, enter the password – hinman I’m not sure what to say about this couple’s story. It’s genuinely one of the most personal stories I’ve ever done. You really have to listen to what these two are saying. It’s very specific and very moving. You can really tell that finding each other […]

Caleb + Paige – Draper Temple – Same Day Edit

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So here’s Caleb and Paige’s same day edit from a few weeks ago. I’ve been slow to post to the blog because of the busy wedding pace this year. Double from last year, very busy. Anyway, not much to say that I haven’t already said in the past. Great couple to work with. Really willing […]

John and Gisel – San Antonio Texas

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I flew down to San Antonio at the end of April for an amazing LDS wedding. They called me because they couldn’t find anyone in Texas to shot a mormon wedding! How crazy is this? Someone is missing out on business down there! Anyway, this was one of those magical wedding moments for me. A […]

Ryan and Danielle at The Pond.

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I had seen this area from Legacy Highway many times before. Always curious about a fishing hole sitting off the side of the freeway. I finally checked it out. A perfect spot for a couple’s story, albeit a little windy. That explains the black fuzzy thingy on Ryan’s shirt. It’s a windscreen for the microphone. […]

Brian and Carolyn – A Wink and A Smile

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This month has been busy with couples stories. 4 shoots in 4 weeks. Busy, busy, busy. Here’s the 3rd of 4. Brian and Carolyn. A really awesome couple. Just genuinely good people and genuinely in love. A total pleasure to shoot. Watch for the personal moments between the two. Sometimes I just let the camera […]

Sam and Jenna – The Mood Piece

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This is my mood piece for the month. I thank Sam and Jenna for picking the most perfect song for this same-day edit. A song by The Frames called Lay Me Down. If you’ve seen the movie Once, you know the lead singer’s voice (his name is Glen Hansard). Amazing song, that really creates a […]