This was my first ever wedding at Victory Ranch in Kamas Utah, and quite possibly my last. We were officially the last public wedding to take place at the ranch. As a private community, they have opted to take out the option for public access to the guest house/restaurant and have it just for home owners. Sad for us. It’s just really incredible. Having filmed a wedding in Montana, it’s the closest thing to that experience I ever had. I can only hope that someone who lives there asks me to film a wedding – fingers crossed.

This wedding felt like an intimate affair, though the guest list was pretty standard. Everything at the ranch is so close, so there wasn’t a lot of getting back and forth, just people enjoying their time. When you see friends and family “spending time” to just hang out at a wedding, it’s so refreshing. It feels relaxed – the pace slows. The day wears on. It’s like a vacation. I credit much of that to the relaxed nature of the couple. And Michelle Leo Events. The wedding was exceptional. I’m a big details guy and Michelle delivers. She’s a leader in the Utah wedding community. It shows in her execution.

Whenever I film a Jewish ceremony, I feel like I learn something about faith, family, commitment. They are so full of imagery. It’s very easy to get lost in feeling positive about life and marriage. Because of this, I really chose to focus on the ceremony for this web highlight. There are faith promoting aspects in the Jewish ceremony that apply to any religion. It’s always a welcome experience for me.

I hope you enjoy it.

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