Hi everyone, we are seeing a lot of couples with May, June and July dates quickly chose small intimate ceremonies. We are sympathetic to these changes and understand the need to feel safe and be mindful of others. In response to this, we are offering special small ceremony/elopement rates through July, and are capable of being available at a moment’s notice (even within 24 hours). These rates are for shorter, elopement style weddings from 2 to 4 hours. If you are in a rush to get married with a small group (or this was your plan all along), please reach out. We’re happy to build a small intimate package tailored to your new situation. Things will function pretty much the same on my end. And to be quite honest, some of the smaller weddings I’ve filmed have been my favorites.

Please reach out to us through our contact page if you are wanting video coverage of your last minute date change. Or just call or text me directly (texting is better so I can see your info – 801.671.2760). Give us as much information as possible (including your group count, location, hours needed, etc). As a videographer, it’s a very “hands off” job, so no worries about social distancing on this end. These will be “team of one” approaches, so you can keep your party count intact.

Reach out! If I’m free, I’ll be there. Stay safe.

Best, Ryan